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 Z's Admin Application

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Captain Obvious

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PostSubject: Z's Admin Application    Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:46 pm

Key : Eltio1996

Player Name : Z

Other Experience : I have been GM on countless game, such as Naruto Ninja Faith, Naruto Hidden Shadows, Pokemon New Generation, Naruto Elite Akatsuki, Dragon Ball Z Fallen Tactics, Naruto Ninja Attack, and PLENTY of other games.

Why would I like to be staff?: Personally, I would like to be staff because of me actually having a little bit of common sense. People tend to lack that nowadays and I actually excel in that category. I help out as much as I can on here and could help out more as an admin with some sort of authority.

Contact Info : Facebook - Tino Marrero In-Game : Z

Closing Notes : If you do not pick me, I am not a crier and keep working at it until I am some sort of moderator. Think about thissss >Smile
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Z's Admin Application
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