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 Koshimaru Yamamoto's Application for Admin/GM

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PostSubject: Koshimaru Yamamoto's Application for Admin/GM   Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:15 am

Key: Itachi_Uchiha225

Player Name: Koshimaru Yamamoto

Other Experience: Iconner

Why Would I like to be Staff: I would like to be an Admin/GM on PRAT because I have plenty experience when it comes to managing games and helping out as much as possible. Im a very trustworthy person. I get along with the fellow players of PRAT as long as they get along with me. Ive been an Admin and an Iconner on PRAT once before in the past. Ive owned 3 games in this past year so i have much experience when it comes to managing players on the game (making sure they dont get out of hand). Im active at least 10 hours a day so i can be there even when most admins are not online.

Contact Info: Page me at my Key.

Closing Notes: The real main reason i want to become Admin/Gm is to help out as much as possible on the BEST POKEMON EVER MADE ON BYOND.

Games I Own/Made: 1.Naruto Ominous Shadows
2.Bleach Ominous Souls
3.Dbz: Legendary Temples

Other Games: Prat(was lv2 Admin), Naruto:Battle of Two Legends(lv1 Admin), Dbz Saiyns Revenge Reborn(Co-owner), Pokemon Station(Soon to be Admin according to Aceraptor, Ghost GL),Naruto Darkend Souls(Co-owner)

So if you can, please take a look at this app and make the right choice. I promise you would not regret having me as staff of the wonderful Pokemon Race Against Time.

Koshimaru lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Koshimaru Yamamoto's Application for Admin/GM   Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:14 am

Pretty good application. Enjoyed reading it, however, is it true that you icon?
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Koshimaru Yamamoto's Application for Admin/GM
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