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 DTrain Last move/and post

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PostSubject: DTrain Last move/and post   Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:18 am

I feel like the game is better off without me then with me, so i will leave, the same thing always happen to the dtrain all the time, he shut out everyone and exile himself then realized he made some bad decsion. I would like to thank everyone , everyone that talkt to me tried to understand me but failed, and kept looking for the good in me, sorry you came up empty in that search. I ask that miranda get her powers back, i dont like her, but that beside the point, shes emotionally unstable didnt know how to deal with me. maybe she handle other people better, but she came up short with me. my deariest apology to everyone in the picture post, marcy i terribley sorry for what i said about you, and also im very , im sorry for everyone i said or done . i take responsiblity for everything

to other such as ev honesty, mick , marcy, falls, and others who tried to be my friend even when i was at my worst, i want to thank you all for trying to understand me, the facts are there was absoulty no reason for my action, i brought out the ugly in this community and is nothing but a cancer.

I would also like to thank z and superboy... you guys are def my inspration to get up in the morning and log on everyday, you guys are the reason why i try to better myself , you are nice people and cool, it would of been real easy to bann me and get it over with, but you work with me... an i betrayed your trust

my finally words is, that we are all people we all make mistakes, but when mistakes start becomning fatal and hurting other, even if your right or not, you have a civic responsiblity to to remove it before it become greater or more devatating then you, if you have the power to stop anything you must do it and rejoice, because you made a diffrence, dont hate me because i like to think above the line of insanity, but understand me for wanting to go there, i see the world for what it is the beauty and the pimples, i choose to stay on the sidelines , but this time i begging the coach to let me play in a game of life, where my attendance is needed.

fairwell, Dtrain
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DTrain Last move/and post
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