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 Pros and Cons of Level 100 Cap

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PostSubject: Pros and Cons of Level 100 Cap   Pros and Cons of Level 100 Cap I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 10:59 pm

I really think there should be a level 100 cap over a 150, 200, or 300 cap, so I will list the pros and cons to this.


-I think this one should go at the top of the pros just because it should be important in a pokemon game, but with anything above 100, it just seems to be some small addition to the game. Evolution! People could care less for evolution at the moment because it happens like 10% into your leveling when it should be a bigger deal. If the cap was 100, people would actually care for evolution and have that sense of joy when the pokemon evolves, rather than, "Oh...evolve...-clicks yes- now for the next 250 levels...that pop-up was a waste of my time"

-Everyone is in a close level proximity, meaning, someone who is entering a no cap tourny can be level 70 and still have a chance against someone who is capped at 100.

-Because everyone will be near the same level, events will be more fun and everyone will enjoy themselves without thinking it is unfair facing someone 100 level's higher then them because at the moment, the tournaments aren't as competative when everyone knows the person with the highest level will win.

-You have the chance to focus on training more pokemon rather then getting 1 pokemon at a time to 300. This also means you will have more of a variety and ability to mix up your team every now and then without having to worry about getting all the way to 300, which brings up the next pro.

-Although experience gain and leveling should be made harder if the switch is made, mentally, lvl 100 does not seem like the distance of 300, even if Kisuke were to make the training length feel the same as it would be if you were getting to 300. So in the end, it doesn't seem like you're doing as much work.

-Level 100 is a simple number and is used in all pokemon games.

-I'd like to look at a wipe as a pro seeing as it makes everyone even in prospect to the level cap. I know all of you who have trained high worry about losing all of your capped pokemon or any above 200, so I will suggest an idea for Kisuke to place into consideration. If there were to be a wipe, before it happened, everyone who had a pokemon above 200 would get to choose 2 of their 200+ pokemon to transfer over to the wipe as in an Admin creates it and lvl's it to 50, but if you had a capped pokemon at 300 then it goes straight to lvl 100.(Maximum of 2 pokemon to choose) Also, if you had a legendary, that is also given to you in the wipe.

-New players don't feel as intimidated by the level 300's and as if they were left behind with no chance of catching up. The number 300 just seems too high to be placed in a pokemon game. I'm a noob as of today and I even feel as though looking at the number 100 would be easier to deal with than 300. Yes, I know what you're thinking, I'm a noob so of course I want a wipe, but that's not the case at all. I was looking in ooc and saw a group having a discussion about how tournaments are no fair with everyone over 200 and when the tourny is 150, there are only a few to one person/people with a lvl 150 who dominate the tourny.
You want people to feel like they have a chance at the game or else you won't get a large player base.

I just can't stress enough how lvl 300 is so wide spread and leads/already has lead to so many issues with events and the game being fair, so with that I will move on to the cons, if I even have any.


-Yes, a wipe, but if you read above, those suggestions to the wipe aren't half bad. I know you care about all the pokemon you have been training, but it isn't that bad since the new cap would be 100...it evens out.

-Might mean a more difficult training, but probably not as bad as it would be getting to 300. With new events that will hopefull be added and give out exp for victories, you won't have much of a problem getting to 100.

Feel free to list more cons/pros that I can add and explain solutions to. Hope the cap is changed for the better.
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Pros and Cons of Level 100 Cap
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