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PostSubject: Suggestions   Suggestions I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 8:51 pm

Clean Up:

The tabs are pretty messy. Some of the verbs in the "Commands" are mostly uneccessary and could either be gotten rid of or moved into a new tab made up at the top next to file and icons. It could be named Player Options and have the verbs Admin Help, Change Text Color, Change Icon, and Help. Then create another tab at the top that groups all the toggle verbs together such as Toggle OOC, Toggle Trade, Toggle Music, and Toggle Org Invites/any other invites. Having so many verbs in one tab is overwhelming and just looks jumbled. Go through the tabs and just organize everything, it will make the game look more professional.

Get rid of that Latios and Latias background. Just a nice simple color would be fine, or a misty type look, but when you notice a picture that is 95% cut off it looks pointless and thrown in. Maybe get someone to make their own? A new login screen would be nice too, start to make things more original and new. If you want the game to evolve you need to start new, not right where it was left off.

It'd be nice if you could fill in all those black turfs with solid wall pieces that could just fill it in to the max view of where players can see. Maybe work on the water, because at the moment it looks like a solid piece of blue, or maybe it is, I don't remember at the moment, and the water on Battle Island can be walked on, so that should probably be altered.

Create an event tab with a join and watch verb first off.

Survival is played in a medium sized map(However big that is o.o). Once you click the "Join" verb a list of the Pokemon that are in your party will appear allowing you to select one, but if you don't have the pokemon you wish to enter in with you, press cancel then go to the PC(5 minutes would be fair enough between the amount of time given to join and the start). Once the 5 minutes are up everyone who entered would be summonded to a different area of the map. Everyone has 2 lives, you can decide to hide and be found, or go out hunting for everyone. The winner receives money and a nice experience bonus. It would be nice if the money/experience you received depended on the amount of lives and kills you had gotten.

-Capture the Flag:
CTF is played on a large map with two sides. After you click join you are given the option to choose 2 pokemon to enter into the CTF game with. Everytime you die with one you alternate to the other, but must wait 1 min and 30 seconds until the switch is made and you can move again. The object of the game is simple, steal the enemies flag and bring it to your base while your own flag is still at the post. It would be cool if the flag were a masterball instead of a flag. Something interesting to replace the flag so we seem clever. Obstacles can be placed over the map, like water where only a water type can swim across(but with a slight speed reduction), trees where only a flying type can go over, tall grass that only bugs can enter and go full speed across, but normal pokemon would walk slowly threw(It would be debateable whether to walk through or go around), and walls where ghosts can pass threw, but pokemon can take the time and grab an item on the map like a hammer and break the wall down. For example, a Pidgey would be able to fly over a group of trees, but would have to go around a pond. Holding the flag slows you down, but does not stop you from using your type advantage to pass threw objects that other types cannot.(Game is balanced by lvl of course)

I couldn't think of an alternative for every obstacle, so those are just some examples which can be easily altered.


-Uknown Cave:
Something needs to be done about the unknown. They either give more experience than everything else or they just spawn a lot more and are weaker. People should be able to train in grass everywhere and be able to obtain the same experience. All I see is people crowd in that cave and it makes everywhere else in the game bare.

-Level Cap:
There should be a level cap of 100 or 150. I don't know how high the cap is now, but there shouldn't be so much of a difference in a level between a noob and a person who has been playing for 1 week+ that they feel intimidated and don't see a reason to train. They will have no fun in events and or battles when they have to gain 200 more lvl's to be on par with someone. Just change the lvl rate to fit a smaller cap.


There are too many pokemon gathered together in one area. It would be nice if there were more maps/areas where pokemon could be distributed properly so you don't find 15 different pokemon within the same small grass area.

Simply fix the pokemons icons that are cut off, like Escavelier, and I'm sure there are a few legends who have the same issue. The Seviper building on the Battle Frontier Island also has the tail tip cut off and has too many dense turfs around it. Just simple mistakes that make a difference in the games appearence.


-Buying a House: It would be nice if you could buy a house in any of the islands. These houses can be upgraded as to where you can add turfs to them, as in buy turfs, that could spawn pokemon in the safety of your own home. I know this contradicts what I said about people all cramming inside Unknown cave and now have the opportunity to do it in their home, but turfs could be extremely expensive and a house only obtained through an event or like 30 tokens.

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Suggestions I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 17, 2011 9:31 pm

I really like the "Training" section. Ura listen to this guy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Suggestions I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 3:01 pm

Not bad suggestions, though the "Training" section really stands out, because it also solves another thing that's been a bit of an issue imo. Team variety. With the cap @ 300, there ends up being a HUGE difference between average pokemon that some of us like, like say...Snivy or Skiploom and the preferred pokemon currently; Sneasle, Scizor, Gliscor, Crawdaunt, Sharpeedo, Pinsir, Magmar, and a couple others I may be forgetting.

Since it's usually more common to catch a pokemon around levels 5-10, That's 290-295 levels of leveling for these recommended-or-you-suck-ass kind of pokemon. With a level cap of 100-150, you've got better chances of getting lucky and coming much closer to the stats of a recommended with your preferred team.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Suggestions I_icon_minitime

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