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 Magnum's GM App

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PostSubject: Magnum's GM App   Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:46 am


Player Name:Magnum

Other Experience:I've been admin on PRAT before and the head admin of a brief RP server Rose had going on (It wasn't a galloping success but it was a nice idea at the time) I have been the owner of a bleach and DBZ game and level 2 admin on EXGenesis's RP DBZ game, i've also been level 3/4 admins on old games that i forgot the names of. I've also been mapper for Pokemon: Destiny Quest and coder/mapper for various other games (The games werent that successful and the owners gave up in the end but at least i got some experience out of it)

Why Would I like to be Staff:I've played PRAT on and off for about 2 years now and i've seen it grow and expand with interest which is why id like to join the PRAT team, I want to assist in the games progression in anyway i can. I like to think im a nice guy, i help people anyway i can and i have no problem in admitting im in the wrong should this be the case. I am used to being a person of reasonable authority so i wont abuse or let my emotions affect my decision or dumb stuff like that. All in all i like helping players especially new players who dont quite know how the game works as i remember i used to be when i first started playing, the game can be a bit confusing and new players happily welcome a smiling face to help them.

Contact Info:Pager or msn

Closing Notes:Nothing really, you can ask me in person if you have any specific questions.
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Magnum's GM App
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