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PostSubject: Map / Forums / Pokemon Contest   Map / Forums / Pokemon Contest I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2011 6:01 pm

Starting with the forum, Change the White text. You do have a white background, which makes it hard to see.

One thing you can invest in over the time of this game is changing up the map a little. You see that you have some Gyms, if I'm correct just sitting there. I'm just saying, if there not gonna be used you could always replace them with like a couple trees, small garden, etc.

Anther Good Thing you can also do, Is revamp how the Pokemon contest is done. You could use the old system on how it was ran back when I was staff or you can create your own.

Some Night not say, but its actually not noticeable.... The Type Matters. When Sin & I was helping Rose with the system, she kinda for a few done wrong. Its simple codes to fix. Just wanted to inform you on that. Sin & I, should still have the Notepad with all the type listening on it if needed. Theres some more I could say. But I'm going to wait un-tell we get a lil further along the line.

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Map / Forums / Pokemon Contest
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