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 Lionel's Application.

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PostSubject: Lionel's Application.   Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:24 pm

Key:Lion Soul

Player Name:Lionel

Other Experience:GM on DMG(Duel monsters genesis) for 2 months,Gm on pokemon citrine.

Why Would I like to be Staff:I used to play PRAT 3-2 Years ago,Then i left for a little for real life problems and also went to try other games. Now that im back i realised Training became harder,And i have a busy life . So,I decided,since i probably wont be training alot ill use my time on the game to help other players instead of getting on the game,Collecting pokemons and then not training them. I'm a Majorly nice person and i noticed the Staff was very low for the game. Im also an honest person.. So im not gonna lie i also would like to have Admin/GM because i find it an Opportunity to get Popular and to get to know the Players in the game better. Since most of them dont know me because all who were there when i played are gone now.

Contact Info:MSN:Mr_Leon15@hotmail

Closing Notes:Im also somewhat of an iconner (If you want to make moves , i can help in that . ) Thank you for reading.

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Lionel's Application.
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