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PostSubject: Slip's Admin App   Slip's Admin App I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2012 4:52 pm

Key: (Joeste)

Player Name: Slip

Other Experience:PRAT, Finale, Phoenix,Dragon Universe (Code Admin) and Players first pick.

Why Would I like to be Staff: Why wouldn't i like to be staff? The games greatm players great, everything in genral about it! Oh, right, i used to be a Admin on the PRAT team as a Pixel Artist/Enforcer so, i want to get back into that and work on my skill again. I also want to Show the players that admins aren't here just to ban and mute players allday long. I want to show them that we can joke around, have fun, and just be another player but with fancy walking on water verbs. I'm also a Pro Rper so i can host Contest events (Simular to Poke Pagent) where the players rp and show how much they know about they're pokemon. Why not Choose this guy, (i'm black)

Contact Info: J, Skype(Joseph Poun) I think. . .And Phone number, i'll give when i get the spot.

Closing Notes: (I thought you just click the Send button to close the note?) Real names Joe btw.
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Slip's Admin App
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