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 Gm Application

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(GL) Virgil


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PostSubject: Gm Application   Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:11 pm

Key: Kemal247(Alt,But I use this in the game), Kemal-d(Main,But I do not use it in PRAT)


Role: Current Grass Gymleader

Other Games: I am the owner of 2 games:
Naruto Clash Of The Organization (Inactive)
Naruto Clash Of The Organization 2 (Inactive)

Reason: I haven't been GM on much games because their staff seemed Okay to me. I choose to apply for GM on this game because there are so much discipline (No Offence) that needs to be tamed. In the game, I don't speak much and try my best to avoid arguments resulting in an occasional "Sorry" or "No Offence". This game does not have enough GMs.......Well active ones anyway, also the GMs themselves often bicker and argue and I think that I will make a change.

Notes: No notes except that the GMs need to monitor the Gym Leaders and make a note of them and track their absence and presence also Org Leaders. That Is All, please also check my suggestion in the forum.
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Gm Application
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