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 Ryan1060 GM app for pokemon race againsttime

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Ryan1060 GM app for pokemon race againsttime Empty
PostSubject: Ryan1060 GM app for pokemon race againsttime   Ryan1060 GM app for pokemon race againsttime I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 4:18 pm

key: Asdcxz1060

Player Name:killazz

my Experiences: alot of dbz games and a few pokemon but Dbzhu1,dbzhu2,dbzda,and for pokemon. pokemon online and a few other i cant remember from a long time ago.

Why Would I like to be Staff: I would like to be staff because i am a very active pokemon player and i know alot about pokemon. I also would like to be a staff because im and very helpful and i always stick to the rules. As a staff i would help come up with new ideas and especially help other player is asked for.

Contact Info:You can reach me at my cellphone:978-660-8151

Closing Notes: thu u for reading and i hope u like... Very Happy Very Happy
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Ryan1060 GM app for pokemon race againsttime
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